Garage Door Clutches, Winding Kits & Fittings

At Industrial Spring Company, we provide the garage door springs and hardware you need to fully satisfy your customers’ requests. We offer both residential and commercial products, including Balance Kings, spring winding kits and spring components.

Balance King garage door clutch

Each part in our selection is designed and created with the utmost care. We manufacture these components to meet your exact specifications, and we create a production timeline that meets your unique needs. For the best in service plus Balance Kings, winding kits and components that you and your own customers can count on, choose Industrial Spring Company.

Balance King: For Top-Heavy Doors

When you’re dealing with top-heavy doors, a Balance King is the ideal solution. Balance Kings prevent your top-heavy door from running “hot in the head,” and they help you achieve the balanced door that so many customers are looking for — a door that opens and closes smoothly, easily and safely.

We offer Balance Kings as part of our inventory of parts and components because we know advanced solutions like these are vital to the success of your own business. Take advantage of our Balance Kings when you need them for top-heavy commercial and carriage-style residential doors, and delight your customers with the balance they provide.

The Safer Option: Winding Kits

Spring King Winding KitIt’s no secret that garage doors are under an immense amount of pressure and tension, and those elements are what makes garage doors operate properly. However, that pressure and tension can also pose a serious danger for someone who doesn’t have experience working on garage doors.

For the do-it-yourself market, spring winding kits are an excellent option. Spring winding kits are safer than the typical methods for torsion spring winding, and they deliver dependable performance.

Components You Can Count On

No part of a garage door can afford to be anything less than durable. Garage doors are vital appliances both in residential and commercial structures, and end users expect everyday reliability. That means creating a garage door that is durable throughout, from the largest component to the smallest piece.

At Industrial Spring Company, our garage door spring components offer the utmost in durability. Find a wide range of components that match different specifications, and get the durable solution you need for your garage doors.

Balance King, Winding Kits, and Components We Offer:

A Company Committed to Quality

Why choose Industrial Spring Company for your balance king, winding kit and component needs? Because we have decades of experience in creating quality solutions for garage door professionals just like you. We’ve also learned a lot through our many years of experience, with the foremost lesson being that quality is valued above all else. That’s why we focus on quality in everything we do, from the initial phases of a project all the way through delivery.

When you get your balance king systems, components or winding kits from Industrial Spring Company, you can rest assured you’re getting a component that will perform reliably over the long-term. What type of quality garage door spring components do you need? Whatever your requirements may be, we’re here to help.

Request a free estimate or contact to learn more about how we can meet your unique needs.