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Balance King

Balancing garage doors just got a whole lot easier!

Introducing the Balance King, an innovative, engineered spring “clutch” system that solves the problem of top-heavy doors running “hot in the head.”

Designed for carriage style and commercial doors with oversize and double rows of lights, Industrial Spring‘s Balance King assists the spring set in the first 3' of upward travel and the last 3' of downward travel. The result is a completely balanced garage door that opens easily and closes safely and smoothly.


"We installed the Balance King on our double sided steel residential door with ½" insulated glass across the top section. Typically this door is hard to balance if it has windows because of the added 30 lbs in glass weight to the top section, but with the Balance King it balanced perfectly! I would recommend it as the best solution for balancing doors which have extra weight added to the top section."

Mike Wittrock
Midland Garage Door

"One of the […] most talked about items at the show had to be the Balance King from Holmes. The extremely innovative auxiliary spring system aims to solve the issue of unbalanced doors (such as carriage house doors, which run ‘dead at the floor’ and ‘hot at the top’)."

Lauren Vasquez
Professional Door Dealer Magazine

The balance king worked great on (4 )10 x 8 3 section doors with insulated top glass.
I will encourage the warehouse in Cleveland to promote these for doors with heavy tops.
They don 't realize what this can do to balance a door !  Watch the video below
Dick Lano
JVS Garage Door


The Balance King also reduces wear and tear on operators, making it a cost effective way to extend the working life of your entire garage door system.

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