Power Springs

A power spring is a variation of a spiral spring that is able to provide a high force output with minimal force requirements. Power springs are sometimes referred to as clock springs, as they are frequently used to supply power in certain types of clocks. Power springs work by creating rotational energy that takes the form of torque. They are produced from a strip of flat tempered steel or other material that is wound tightly into a flat spiral configuration.

In addition to generating power, this type of spring can also store power for indefinite periods of time while extended.

How Are Power Springs Used?

Power springs are not just used in clock manufacturing. Their long extension capacity, continuous torque and virtual absence of friction makes them a popular choice in a wide range of applications. They can be found in various types of garden equipment, mechanical motors, counterbalance mechanisms and rewinding devices.

It is possible to vary the performance of a power spring to suit the application by altering the dimensions of the material’s width, thickness and length, as well as the housing and arbor diameters.

Industrial Spring Company and Holmes Spring Manufacturing Offers Power Spring Solutions

Industrial Spring Company has the expertise to develop and produce effective, durable mechanical springs of all types, making us capable power spring manufacturers. We make use of state-of-the-art engineering software to make the complicated power spring design process so much easier. We can also design custom power springs to meet your specialized or unique applications, simply by inputting the basic design parameters and altering them to incorporate specific manufacturing details.

All of our power springs are made from only the best materials and undergo an extensive quality control check to ensure their reliable, long-lasting performance.

We Can Also Meet Your Power Spring Supply Needs

Whether you own a small manufacturing company or a major industrial operation, we can provide power springs in the most appropriate quantities for your needs. As full-service power spring suppliers, we offer customer-friendly services such as just-in-time ordering, custom packaging and flexible pallet sizes to accommodate every customer.

Superior Customer Service Supported by Advanced Technologies

Delivering superior customer service has been a hallmark of our company since 1974. With the advent of technologies such as electronic ordering and invoicing, easy-to-use spring rate calculation software and downloadable account management apps, our customers now enjoy a variety of ways to utilize and maximize our services. And you can always contact us by phone or email whenever you need personalized assistance.

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If you’re looking for power spring manufacturers in the U.S. you can always count on to deliver top-quality products and excellent service, look no further than Industrial Spring Company. Contact us for more information and to receive a no-obligation power spring quote today.

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