Constant Force Spring

There are many varieties of spiral springs. Constant force springs are a popular spiral spring type that serve many valuable purposes. Designed in a manner that allows each coil to wrap tightly around the other, constant force springs have the ability to provide a constant load at a zero rate. Constant force springs work by pulling out the free end, which facilitates the building up of the load via the inner coils.

The constant force spring gets its name due to the fact that the force it exerts over its entire range of motion remains constant during operation.

Constant Force Spring Benefits and Applications

Constant force springs offer a number of important user benefits. They are able to provide a high force output with minimal space requirements. They can also offer a long linear reach with a negligible buildup of force. In addition, these springs have the ability to store power for an indefinite period of time during extension. Constant force springs are frequently used in applications requiring a constant load.

Examples include cable retractors, hose retrievers, door closers, electric motors and window regulator mechanisms.

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