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Mechanical Torsion Spring

A torsion spring is a spring that works by torsion or twisting. Mechanical energy is created when it is twisted. When it is twisted, it exerts a force (torque) in the opposite direction, proportional to the amount (angle) it is twisted. A torsion bar is a straight bar of metal that is subjected to twisting (shear stress) about its axis by torque applied at its ends. 

Understanding Torsion Springs

The type of mechanical torsion spring you would typically use is known as a helical torsion spring. This is a metal wire twisted into a helix, or coil shape, using sideways forces to twist the wire around its axis, as opposed to using shear stress, as in the torsion bar.

For the different types of mechanical torsion springs available through Industrial Spring, see below:

Available Wire Types

  • Galvanized Wire
  • Oil-Tempered Wire
  • Music Wire
  • Stainless Steel
  • Square Wire
  • Hard Drawn
  • Chrome Silicon

Available Wire Sizes

  • .080” - .625”

Available Options

  • Custom Stenciling
  • Powder Coating
  • Grinding
  • Painting – dip and liquid
  • Shot peening

Standard Applications

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