Hourglass Springs

Make sure you're serving your customers with a wide range of spring types — hourglass springs included. When you have a number of high-quality spring options, you're able to serve a broader market with the best products, including garage doors and much more. At Industrial Spring Company, we’re an hourglass spring supplier in the U.S. that serves a number of different companies operating in different industries.

Hourglass compression springs derive their name from their distinctive shape that features a narrow diameter in the center and a wider diameter on either end. This concave shape makes it easier to center the spring over a larger hole. It also enables a lower solid height than a constant diameter spring. Depending on the intended use, the ends can be left open or closed. This type of spring can also be designed so that each coil will nest either wholly or partially into an adjacent coil.

You’ve most likely found through the course of doing business and helping customers that many situations call for hourglass springs. When you’re searching for hourglass spring suppliers, you can make sure you have a trusted partner when you choose Industrial Spring Company.

Hourglass Springs Applications and Benefits

In general, hourglass springs make an excellent choice for applications requiring greater lateral stability, superior resistance to surging and a low solid height. Industries that make use of hourglass springs include automotive, consumer goods and aerospace. The railroad industry also implements them in the manufacturing of locomotives, freight cars and metro trains.

Key hourglass spring benefits include a high load capacity and the ability to handle large tensional, horizontal and conical displacement. Because of their solid design and construction, hourglass springs also provide a long service life and reduced maintenance costs, along with eliminating the need for complex air supply systems.

Are you looking to take advantage of the benefits of hourglass springs for your projects? If so, you’ll need a leader among hourglass spring suppliers to serve as your manufacturer. We offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in spring manufacturing, and we add to that a deep commitment to meeting your needs. When you’re looking to unlock the benefits of hourglass springs to create products for your customers, make sure to choose Industrial Spring Company as your hourglass spring manufacturer in the U.S.

We’re an Accomplished Hourglass Spring Manufacturer

Industrial Spring Company has the expertise to take on your hourglass spring manufacturing projects. We produce our hourglass springs from high-quality materials such as high carbon and stainless steel to ensure their long-lasting performance. Using the highest quality materials is essential to creating the best products. The materials we use as an hourglass spring manufacturer help ensure the utmost in durability as well as peak performance for your end users.

In addition, we have the capability to manufacture custom hourglass springs that meet your unique performance requirements. Every spring we manufacture undergoes a comprehensive in-house quality control check to ensure it meets your high standards. Why do we choose to serve as a custom hourglass spring manufacturer? Because your customers are unique, and so too are the products you offer them. We help you see your design and vision through to becoming a reality with custom hourglass springs that meet your exact specifications.

We’re Also Dependable Hourglass Spring Suppliers

Designing and producing top-quality springs has little value if they do not arrive at your facility exactly when you need them. As experienced hourglass spring suppliers in the U.S., Industrial Spring Company offers a number of services that will enable you to receive your springs in a convenient, timely manner.

Examples include just-in-time ordering, same-day shipping and custom packaging and pallet sizes. And with threeout Minnesota location, you’re assured of fast, cost-effective shipping for your springs, in the midwest.

Your success is our success at Industrial Spring Company. That's why we've developed systems that not only help us create outstanding hourglass springs and other parts but that also help us achieve a high level of service excellence. We understand that you have unique demands and needs, and sometimes those demands and needs are urgent. We always work quickly to deliver the solutions you need from hourglass spring suppliers while striving to go above and beyond expectations for each project.

We’re Known for Our Responsive Customer Service

Over the course of more than 40 years in business, Industrial Spring Company has developed a reputation as a company that is easy to work with. In addition to providing custom hourglass spring solutions, we offer customer-friendly features such as electronic ordering an invoicing, mobile apps for convenient account management and our innovative spring engineering software will assist in calculating the spring rate.

In short, we make your life easier when we serve as your hourglass spring manufacturer in the U.S., and we’re here to answer questions or discuss your needs or upcoming projects. Through our four-plus decades of experience, we’ve learned a lot about hourglass springs and springs in general. We love to share that knowledge and experience both with our existing clients and with others who are searching for hourglass spring suppliers.

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