Barrel Springs

As a provider of garage doors and other spring-dependent commodities, you serve a wide range of residential and commercial customers with a number of different products. For that reason, you need a wide range of different springs to create products that meet various customer needs. One of the most important types is the barrel spring.

A barrel spring is a variation of the standard compression spring that’s characterized by its wider middle dimensions and narrower top and bottom diameters. Depending on the need, barrel springs can feature a telescopic design where the smaller coils fit inside the larger coils during compression, as well as a non-telescoping configuration.

Barrel springs are generally chosen over a generic compression spring for situations involving limited space, or when a need to minimize buckling is present.

At Industrial Spring Company, we serve as a barrel spring supplier to garage door providers across the country. We use experience, knowledge, proven processes and a deep commitment to customer service to meet our clients’ diverse set of needs. When you need a barrel spring manufacturer, we can deliver the durability and performance you need in materials, as well as the service excellence you want and expect from a vendor.

Common Barrel Spring Applications

Barrel springs are suitable for most applications where it is necessary to produce force in a linear direction and where superior stability is essential. Industries that frequently make use of barrel springs in their manufacturing processes include automotive, toy, furniture and bottling procedures that require the mixing of a powdered substance with water or other liquid.

No matter what you're manufacturing, the success or failure of your products and brand are closely aligned with the quality of those products. At Industrial Spring Company, we are focused on creating the products of the highest quality that you'll find anywhere among barrel spring manufacturers. Our commitment to quality means your products deliver both performance and durability to the end user, which helps improve your own brand reputation.

Barrel Spring Challenges

Barrel springs do present certain design challenges due to the fact that the force they create may not always be linear. The cessation of linear force occurs when the coils start to telescope on the spring. Design restrictions may lead to what is known as a solid height conflict, which results in the inability to achieve additional coil compression past a certain point.

This can be remedied by designing the spring so that the smaller coils at the top and bottom will telescope into the larger coils in the middle, which will reduce the spring’s solid height. As an experienced barrel spring manufacturer in the U.S., we create our springs to mitigate any challenges inherent to the design of barrel springs. We have a wealth of experience in creating barrel and other types of springs, and we apply that experience and knowledge toward creating exceptional parts that help you manufacture exceptional products.

Choose Industrial Spring Company and Holmes Spring Manufacturing for Your Barrel Springs

As experienced, capable barrel spring manufacturers, Industrial Spring Company can provide the exact barrel spring product required for your unique applications. We also have the ability to design and manufacture custom barrel springs for those unique or difficult applications.

As noted, we know how to mitigate the challenges commonly related to barrel springs, and this goes for our custom production springs, too. We know it’s important that you have the right parts to make unique products, and we’re fully capable of serving as your custom barrel spring manufacturer while also ensuring the custom materials you get uniformly adhere to quality standards.

We Can Also Meet Your Barrel Spring Supply Requirements

You can trust Industrial Spring Company and Holmes Spring Manufacturing to be your fast, reliable barrel spring suppliers. We offer a range of customer-friendly programs and supply services including just-in-time ordering, custom packaging and pallet sizes, same-day shipping for replacement orders, electronic ordering and invoicing and much more.

One of the reasons why we’re a leader among barrel spring manufacturers is our set of proven processes. Everything we do, from initial conversation to final product delivery, is designed with efficiency and speed in mind. When you need barrel springs, we know how to deliver them — and quickly.

Complete Support Every Step of the Way

Another reason why Industrial Spring Company is a respected barrel spring manufactures in the U.S. is our sincere commitment to providing world-class customer support. You can count on us to guide you through your unique barrel spring design and manufacturing challenges. And if you’re not completely satisfied with any of our products of services, we’ll do whatever it takes to make things right.

Learn More About Our Barrel Spring Products and Services

Are you in need of a barrel spring manufacturer in the U.S.? We work with companies nationwide, providing quality parts and outstanding customer service. If you have questions or if you simply want to discuss your barrel spring options, we’re happy to help. Feel free to contact us for more information about our barrel spring products and services and to discuss your specific custom barrel spring design requirements. We can also provide a no-obligation quote.