Mechanical Springs

When you serve home and business owners with products for garage doors, you need to offer the best-performing, most durable components available. Without those, you wouldn’t be properly serving your own customers. At Industrial Spring Company, we specialize in delivering a wide range of springs that deliver the performance and durability that are essential to your customers’ satisfaction, as well as the reputation of your brand.

If you’re looking for a tough, long-lasting spring for your most demanding applications, mechanical springs deserve careful consideration. A coiled spring specifically designed for tension and compression, the mechanical spring offers the benefit of increased travel, but with reduced loads. As your mechanical spring manufacturer in the U.S., we offer several mechanical spring variations, including:

  • Torsion:A torsion spring system features a steel shaft with a cable drum at either end and one or two tightly wound springs. The load is created by the spring rotating around an axis.
  • Extension:Resistance-based extension springs create the load by stretching apart.
  • Compression:Compression springs operate in the opposite manner of extension springs; the load is created by squeezing together instead of spreading apart.

The exact spring for you will depend on your customers and the products that the springs are being used to create. Know that you can count on Industrial Spring Company as your mechanical spring manufacturer when you’re searching for the utmost in performance and durability for your customers.

Mechanical Spring Applications

There are numerous mechanical spring applications, which vary depending on the type. For instance, torsion springs are widely found in garage doors, lift gates, spring hinges and control levers. Without torsion springs, garage doors that are easy to raise and lower, even by hand, would feel heavy and sluggish. Extension springs can also be used in garage doors and control levers, as well as screen doors, trampolines and wherever else a pulling force is required. Choosing between torsion and extension springs is a choice that depends mostly on the types of products you’re creating as well as the demands of your target market. Compression springs are used in ballpoint pens, valves, shafts and automobile suspension systems.

When you manufacture products that rely on torsion, extension or compression springs, you need a trusted mechanical spring supplier to serve as your vendor. At Industrial Spring Company, we work with brands across the country, serving as their go-to mechanical spring supplier in the U.S.

Industrial Spring Company: Your One-Stop Mechanical Spring Manufacturer and Supplier

Industrial Spring Company and Holmes Spring Manufacturing are reliable, full-service mechanical spring suppliers in the U.S. Mechanical springs represent the newest addition to our industrial spring family. They’re backed by our more than 40 years of industry experience, ensuring you get a high-quality product that will exceed your expectations. Through our four-plus decades as a mechanical spring manufacturer, we’ve constantly researched, adapted, evolved and innovated. Our commitment to constant quality improvement is what makes us such a great option when you’re searching for a mechanical spring manufacturer in the U.S. — you can always count on our components representing the latest and greatest in spring technology.

You can also count on selection when you choose Industrial Spring company as your mechanical spring supplier. We offer mechanical springs in a wide range of wire types and sizes to meet virtually any application, along with a broad assortment of value-added services including stenciling, shot peening, painting and powder coating. In short, when you need a mechanical spring supplier in the U.S. that can provide custom service, look no further than Industrial Spring Company.

We’re Also a Capable Custom Spring Manufacturer

In some cases, a stock mechanical spring may not suit your needs. You create unique products, and sometimes, those products demand a mechanical spring manufacturer that can deliver custom results.

As custom design spring manufacturers, Industrial Spring Company can provide the exact solution you require. We have the facilities and resources to create custom-built springs for your specifications. And that’s an important point: We’ve invested in both the physical and human resources required to serve a wide range of needs as your mechanical spring supplier in the U.S. We have the experience, knowledge and capacity to take on jobs large and small.

In addition to meeting your functional requirements, our custom springs will deliver the same high level of quality and performance as our stock items. This combination of capabilities, resources and quality results is what sets us apart as your mechanical spring manufacturer.

We Work Hard to Serve Our Customers in Other Important Ways

In addition to being reliable custom spring manufacturers, Industrial Spring Company can also serve your needs in other ways. For instance, we offer just-in-time ordering programs that will minimize the amount of inventory you need to carry, which can significantly improve your cash flow situation. You get quality springs from your trusted mechanical spring supplier, and you also enjoy long-term savings that can help you scale and improve your business.

You can also take advantage of our electronic ordering and invoicing to streamline and simplify these two essential processes. Many of our customers choose to download our user-friendly mobile app to get instant remote access to their account, no matter where they are. And our three convenient U.S. locations enable us to substantially reduce shipping times and associated costs. We describe our business as one that provides regional service with national scale — a unique blend that helps us best serve our many clients.

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Without quality parts and components, your own product designs can’t reach their full potential. At Industrial Spring Company, we pride ourselves on serving as the mechanical spring manufacturer that helps our clients provide the best to their own customers. When you choose to work with us, you’re choosing experience, knowledge, resources, quality and a deep commitment to going above and beyond in meeting your needs.

Learn more about what makes Industrial Spring Company and Holmes Spring Manufacturing the best custom spring company in the USA. Contact us for additional information and a no-obligation quote today! 

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