Garage Door and Mechanical Spring Manufacturer

At Industrial Spring Company, we are your source for garage door springs and hardware plus mechanical springs and similar components. We are also your custom spring manufacturer — a company that understands you have unique needs and that is fully able and willing to meet those needs with custom solutions. We manufacture to meet your specifications, and we can create a production timeline that helps you satisfy your commitments to your own customers.

We feel like we’re only successful when we help you successfully serve your own customers. That is, each time you sell a product to a customer, you put your brand reputation on the line. As your custom spring manufacturer, we want to help enhance your brand by delivering the very best parts and components with which to manufacture your products. When you need springs you can count on to deliver quality and durability, count on the experience, knowledge and capabilities of Industrial Spring Company — your go-to source for custom heavy-duty springs, custom extension springs and much more.

Garage Door Springs

Garage doors are under massive amounts of tension and pressure. Garage door springs are what make the heavy lifting possible. That’s one of the reasons why garage door springs can go out so quickly.

At Industrial Spring Company, we are your garage door spring manufacturer that can create residential and commercial components to take care of the heavy lifting day in and day out — solutions that deliver to your customers the durability they so desperately want and need. You’ll find a wide range of options in our selection, including coated wire springs, galvanized wire springs, oil-tempered wire springs, square-wire springs and much more. What you need in the way of garage door springs, we can deliver.

Industrial Spring Company is the leading manufacturer of garage door torsion spring and garage door extension springs, offering customization to best match the spring's specific application.

Why do we offer such a wide selection? Because homes and businesses are unique, and so too are the garage doors they demand. When you’re serving a wide range of customers, you need to deliver a wide range of options. We help you meet your customers’ needs by making the exact types of garage door springs you need available — including custom springs design.

Mechanical Springs

Our services go beyond just garage doors. So many industries, products and businesses rely on mechanical springs for everyday performance, and we can provide those mechanical springs — no matter the nature of your work. As your mechanical spring manufacturer, we come up with custom solutions that match your performance needs and your timeline.

As your spring manufacturer, we take the time needed to understand your requirements and specifications, and then we deliver in a manner that meets or exceeds those requirements. We understand your need for mechanical springs and similar parts are often urgent, which is why we’re the custom spring company in the U.S. that works quickly to meet those needs. When you need a mechanical spring manufacturer you can trust to get the job done and to get it done on schedule, count on the team at Industrial Spring Company.

Replacement Springs

As your custom spring manufacturer, we can also deliver any type of replacement spring. As mentioned, springs in general handle a ton of weight and pressure. These springs make different types of machines and appliances work, like garage doors. But that heavy weight and pressure can eventually take a toll and leave a spring in need of replacement.

At Industrial Spring Company, we create the replacement springs you need, and we make them to match your unique specifications. Like everything we do, we understand that your business and your products are unique. There’s no off-the-shelf, generic solution that will exactly meet your needs, which is why you need a custom spring manufacturer you can trust. We are that custom spring manufacturer for brands operating in a wide range of industries. Let us know how we can meet your unique needs with garage door springs, mechanical springs, replacement springs or similar components.

Why Choose Industrial Spring Company?

You can find plenty of providers that promise the best in custom heavy-duty springs, custom extension springs and similar products. However, you enjoy a unique blend of benefits when you choose Industrial Spring Company — benefits that you won’t find through just any provider.

First of all, we focus on leading-edge quality among door spring suppliers and other spring manufacturers. As noted above, your brand is on the line each and every time you sell a product. We want to ensure those products exceed expectations by delivering springs that meet the highest quality standards. We also offer systems and processes that are designed to serve you efficiently. When you need a custom springs design and you need it quickly, we can get the job done. Our manufacturing and fulfillment processes move forward at lightning pace to limit your wait before getting the materials you need.

We also focus on service excellence from the moment we first meet a client. We’re here to meet your needs, and we do everything possible in service to that goal. When you demand the most out of a custom spring manufacturer, we can answer the call — and help your spring-dependent products reach their full potential.

Are you ready to secure your go-to spring manufacturer? If you have questions, or if you just want to talk about spring possibilities and options for your business, we’re ready to help. Contact us to hear how we can serve you!


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