Torsion Springs

Torsion door springs

Torsion door Springs

Torsion springs

We Stock Varies Sizes of Torsion Springs

What is a Torsion Spring? 

A torsion door spring counterbalance system consists of one or two tightly wound springs on a steel shaft with a cable drum at each end. The entire torsion door spring mounts on the header wall above the garage door and has three supports: a center bearing plate with a steel bearing, and two end bearing plates.

The springs themselves consist of steel wire with a stationary cone at one end and a winding cone at the other end. The stationary cone is attached to the center bearing plate. The winding cone consists of holes every 90 degrees for winding the springs, and two set screws to secure the springs to the shaft.

Steel counterbalance cables run from the roller brackets at the bottom corners of the door to a notch in the cable drums. When the door is raised, the springs unwind and the stored tension lifts the door by turning the shaft, thus turning the cable drums and wrapping the cables around the grooves on the cable drums. When the door is lowered, the cables unwrap from the drums and the springs are rewound to full tension.

Available Wire Types:

Available Wire Sizes:

Available Options:

  • Custom Stenciling
  • Powder Coating

Standard Applications:

  • Residential Sectional Garage Doors
  • Commercial Sectional Overhead Doors
  • Cut-to-Length or Bulk Snakes (120", 144", 168", or 192")

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