Extension Springs

Open loop end extension springs

Open Looped End

Clipped end extension springs

Clipped Ends

Double looped end extension springs

Double Looped End

Garage door extension springs are designed specifically for a garage door height and weight. A 7 ft door will not use the same spring as a 8 ft door. Extension springs operate on a pulley system and are placed above the horizontal track of the garage door. We can help you with any of your garage door extension spring questions.

Available Extension Springs and Wire Types:

  • Hard Drawn  
  • Class II Wire 
  • Black Coated 

Available Wire Sizes:

Available Extension Spring clip ends

  • Open Looped End                       
  • Clipped Ends                                
  • Double Looped Ends

Standard Spring  Extension Applications

  • Residential Sectional Garage Doors
  • Commercial Sectional Overhead Doors

Request a quote on the garage door extension springs you need, or contact Industrial Spring to learn more.