Tapered Springs

With a tapered spring, the coil diameter decreases from one end of the spring to the other. As with all types of compression springs, conically tapered springs create the load by squeezing together, as opposed to spreading apart like extension springs. However, because of their unique design and shape, tapered springs offer greater lateral stability than standard compression springs, while also resisting the tendency to collapse or buckle under heavy pressure.

The fact that tapered springs feature larger coil diameters than standard compression springs does require an increased amount of force to achieve full compression. This characteristic can be extremely advantageous when used with spring-supported systems, as it can significantly reduce the level of bouncing.

Tapered Spring Applications

Tapered springs make an excellent choice for applications that are unable to accommodate a larger, cylindrical-shaped spring design. In general, they are the preferred option whenever there is not enough room for a straight compression spring. Their ability to provide enhanced stability in smaller areas makes tapered springs extremely well-suited for various automobile manufacturing processes. They are often found in many engine parts and components.

Industrial Spring Company and Holmes Spring Manufacturing: Your One-Stop Tapered Spring Source

Regardless of your application, Industrial Spring Company can provide the right tapered spring for the job. We offer a wide selection of stock tapered springs in a wide variety of sizes, and our useful spring engineering software tool can even help you determine the most appropriate spring rate for your applications.

As full-service tapered spring manufacturers, we can also work with you to develop a custom tapered spring design that will provide the functional, cost-effective solution you need. We manufacture all of our springs on-site, which ensures the highest possible quality for every spring we produce and sell.

We’re Also Reliable Tapered Spring Suppliers

Industrial Spring Company is a tapered spring supplier in the U.S. with a Minnesota location to serve your specific supply requirements, while also helping to minimize your shipping costs. 

You’ll be able to get the springs you need quickly, without having to store an excessive amount of product in your warehouse. 

We Make Customer Service a Top Priority

Yet another good reason to choose us from other tapered spring manufacturers is our sincere commitment to serving our customers. Enjoy the convenience of electronic ordering and invoicing. You can also download our free app to your mobile device so you can place orders, check on the status of a current order and get instant access to a host of additional account information, even when you’re out of the office or on the go.

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